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Service plans are for screen enclosed 15’ X 30’ pools or smaller. Plans are offered for larger pools, as well as open-air pools, please inquire. Plans can be customized to fit your individual needs. All chemicals included 'except' metal sequestering agents or shock treatments (other than service day) and phosphate treatments (phosphates come from a number of sources, mainly from plants hanging into pool, non-potable water, i.e. sprinklers and fertilizers. To avoid phosphates (algae food) problems keep plants clear from pool, keep sprinklers from hitting pool surface and keep fertilizers away from deck area. All Prices are subject to approval through pool inspection by a company representative.

We ask that pets are kept indoors or otherwise secured on service days. We try our best to guarantee your pets safety while servicing your pool but we cannot be responsible for pets that escape during our service call. If the pool area is guarded by a dog and nobody is available for assistance we will not be able to service your pool. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation regarding this matter.
During summer months we need your filter pump to run at least 8-hours a day for chemicals to circulate properly. All the chemicals in the world don't help stagnant water stay clear. Please make sure we always have a clear path to your pool and pool equipment. Also, please add our company to your list of approved vendors (for gated communities only). If we alert you to a problem with your pool, we'll try to impart its degree of severity and importance. For situations that cause erratic water quality (leaks, pump issues, filter, etc.) we request that pool owners deal with the issue in an expedient manner. We're only as good as your pool system allows us to be. We are not responsible for malfunctioning Automatic Water Levelers or Automatic Fills. It is the Homeowners responsibility to maintain a proper water level in thePool/SPA at all times. OUR SERVICES DO NOT INCLUDE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE WATER LEVEL IN THE POOL.

We backwash your Filter Cartridge every four weeks and they need to be replaced every year at an additional charge. DE filters require Grid Cleaning every year at an additional charge.

We offer invoice billing by mail or email. Invoices are sent out the first of the month and due within 30 days of the date of invoice. We do NOT accept postdated checks. Past due accounts are not entitled to any discounts. Amounts not paid by the next due date bear interest at 18% per annum, and all cost of the collection, including attorney’s fees are the obligation of the customer. All property remains the property of Pool Service Unlimited until paid in full. ALL ACCOUNTS DELINQUENT 45 DAYS ARE SUBJECT TO THE FLORIDA LIEN LAW. NON-PAYMENT WILL RESULT IN DISCONNECTION OF SERVICE.

For every referral that signs up you receive 1 FREE month of service. The more you refer the more FREE months of service you receive. FREE month of service will be credited to your account after 90 days of paid service.

Signing this contract or submitting it online authorizes Pool Service Unlimited to inspect the swimming pool at the address where service is being requested. If the swimming pool or related equipment is in need of repair, repairs must be completed at owner’s expense before this contract will become effective. Swimming pools with a vinyl, fiberglass, painted finish or above ground pool will not be accepted. Pool Service Unlimited may decline to accept this contract for any reason. The pool owner may cancel this contract if there are any pre-maintenance repairs or water chemistry corrections required that would result in additional charges or any monthly rate premiums above our published rates. This contract will not become effective until payment is made pursuant to paragraph two below.

FIRST MONTH’S PAYMENT TO BE MADE IN ADVANCE upon the signing AND acceptance of this contract by Pool Service Unlimited. Subsequent billings will be on the first of each month thereafter and are payable by the 30th of that month. If payment is made for one year in advance, the amount will be equal to 11 month’s payments, with the 12 month free.

Contract is between Pool Service Unlimited and the OWNER of the property, who must sign or accept this contract. A tenant may ask for service under this contract, but will be required to pay a $100.00 security deposit plus the first month’s payment in advance. The security deposit will be refunded upon proper cancellation of this contract, as long as all the bills pertaining to the pool have been made.

A contract for fewer than 90 days is consider TEMPORARY, and will be payable in advance at a rate of $10.00 per month above the normal contract rate. If the owner should decide to extend a TEMPORARY CONTRACT beyond the 90 days, rates will revert to normal contract rates and a credit will be issued for the $10.00 per month charged under the TEMPORARY CONTRACT.

Pool Service Unlimited will maintain water chemistry parameters in accordance with the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP) recommendations. Nevertheless, eventual natural degradation of the pool interior is an inevitability, which will be considered normal wear and tear and cannot be warranted by Pool Service Unlimited.

Severe inclement weather, other acts of nature, or vandalism that cause an excessive accumulation of dirt and requires extra labor and materials are not considered normal circumstances. Additional customer billings may result in the course of performing this additional work.

There will be a change in your Service Day each time any of these holidays fall on a weekday, New Years Dar, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.  If a holiday falls on the weekend your service day will remain the same. By implementing this schedule your Pool Tech will be able to enjoy a day off without having to double up work the following day. This will maintain morale and assure that you, the owner, will receive the quality you've come to expect.

Last updated: January 05, 2017